Possessive pronouns | Exercises with answers

Possessive pronouns | Exercises with answers

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Exercise 3

Reminder: the possessive pronouns in English are:  my, your, his, her (singular)  our, your, their  (plural)

Find the right possessive pronoun:

Ex: This hat belongs to my sister – it’s . → it’s hers.

  1. The toys belong to you. They’re .
  2. Sorry I’m late. I met a friend of  on my way to the office.
  3. The shoes belong to me. They’re .
  4. These luggage belong to you and your wife. These luggage are .
  5. The car belongs to you. It’s .
  6. The books belong to her. They are .
  7. The pencil belongs to him. It’s .
  8. The bottle belongs to you. It’s .
  9. The cigarettes belong to my friends. It’s .
  10. The furniture belongs to my mother. It is .
  11. That book belongs to those kids. That book is .
  12. This phone belongs to you. This phone is .
  13. This apartment belongs to me and my cousin. This apartment is .
  14. That pillow belongs to me. That pillow is .
  15. My cat has a new toy. The toy is .



  1. yours
  2. mine
  3. mine
  4. yours
  5. yours
  6. hers
  7. his
  8. yours
  9. theirs
  10. hers
  11. theirs
  12. yours
  13. ours
  14. mine
  15. its

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