Possessive pronouns | Exercises with answers

Possessive pronouns | Exercises with answers

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Exercise 4

Reminder: the possessive pronouns in English are:  my, your, his, her (singular)  our, your, their  (plural)

Find the right answer:

  1. Is this  book?
  2.  parents live in Los Angeles.
  3. This is  guitar.
  4. How old is  sister?
  5. Where does  team play?
  6. Yesterday she sent  letter to Rome.
  7. Are those  trainers?
  8. Ken has cut  finger.
  9. The children finished  game.
  10. The hotel has  own swimming pool.


  1. your
  2. our
  3. my
  4. his
  5. your
  6. her
  7. your
  8. his
  9. their
  10. its

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