Present perfect tense exercises with answers + PDF

Present perfect tense exercises with answers PDF

Click here to download this exercise in PDF. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

Exercise 1

Put the verbs in present perfect tense :

  1. They  (travel) to Japan.
  2. He  (go) to work. => forme négative
  3. The dog  (break) the TV.
  4. He  (buy) a new TV.  => forme négative
  5. I  (wash) my hair.
  6. She  (eat) the pizza. => forme négative
  7. I  (cut) my finger.
  8. Sarah  (have) a shower.
  9. The match  (start).
  10. They  (play) soccer. => forme négative
  11. He  (hurt) his leg.
  12. He  (answer) the phone.
  13. An accident    (happen).
  14. Tom (finish) his work.


  1. have travelled
  2. hasn’t gone
  3. has broken
  4. hasn’t bought
  5. have washed
  6. hasn’t eaten
  7. have cut
  8. has had
  9. has started
  10. haven’t played
  11. has hurt
  12. has answered
  13. has happened
  14. has finished

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