Present simple or Present continuous? (2/2)

Present simple or Present continuous

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Complete the following sentences with present simple or present continuous tense: 

  1. Wendy sometimes  mangas. (to read)
  2. We never  TV in the morning. (to watch)
  3. Listen! Sam  in the bathroom. (to sing)
  4. My brother usually   in the kitchen. (to help)
  5. My mum  breakfast now. (to make)
  6. They often   the kitchen. (to clean)
  7. Look! The girls  home. (to come)
  8. Every day his father   for a walk. (to go)
  9. I  with my sister at the moment. (to chat)
  10. Mice  cheese. (to eat)


  1. Wendy sometimes reads mangas.
  2. We never watch TV in the morning.
  3. Listen! Sam is singing in the bathroom.
  4. My brother usually helps in the kitchen.
  5. My mum is making breakfast now.
  6. They often clean the kitchen.
  7. Look! The girls are coming home.
  8. Every day his father goes for a walk.
  9. I am chatting with my sister at the moment.
  10. Mice eat cheese.


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