Reflexive Pronouns | Exercise with answers

Reflexive Pronouns | Exercises with answers

Click here to download this printable exercise in PDF. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

Exercise 2

Choose the right answer:

1. Goodbye! Take care of !

2. You have to tell  what happened.

3. The dog is scratching – it must have fleas!

4. We came here to relax .

5. Are you going to invite  to the wedding?

6. His arm hurts so mush he can’t shave .

7. She took it upon  to personally thank each person at the meeting.

8. The decision is fine by .

9. They wanted to do it .

10. I go to bed  usually at 10pm.


  1. yourself
  2. them
  3. itself
  4. her
  5. himself
  6. herself
  7. me
  8. themselves

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