Sentences about anger in English

Sentences about anger in English

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Damn you!
Do it now, or else…
Don’t be silly!
Don’t bite my head off.
Don’t show me your face.
Don’t take it out on me!
Don’t talk nonsense/Stop yapping.
Don’t try any nonsense with me.
Don’t waste my time.
Don’t you dare tell her about this?
Don’t you dare tell lies to me?
Enough is good!
For f*ck’s sake!
For God’s sake, leave me alone!
Get lost!
Get out of my hair!
Get out of my way!
Good riddance!
He flared up at me.
He got out of bed on the wrong side this morning.
He was outraged.
He was rubbed up the wrong way when we started talking about promotion.”
He’s such a grumpy old man!
He’s always telling lies.
He’s furious with them.
His behaviour pisses me off.
How could you have been so silly?
How could you have been so silly?
How dare you say that!
How on earth can you live in such a filthy place?
I can’t accept this view!
I can’t put up with him!
I can’t stand him any longer.
I can’t stand it any longer!
I could really do without it.
I don’t believe it!
I don’t care.
I don’t think that’s very clever!
I don’t want to see your face.
I get so irritated by Paul I can’t be around her.
I get so mad at her when she lies to me.
I hate it when you’re in a crotchety mood.
I have enough of that boy!
I haven’t got time for this non-sense.
I was absolutely livid when I found out.
I was really pissed off by her attitude.”
I won’t have it!
I won’t put up with that!
I won’t stand being treated like that.
I won’t swallow that!
I won’t tolerate living among them.
I’m sick and tired of…
I’ve had all I can take of…
I’ve had it up to here with…
I’ll report it to the HO if you don’t do it.
I’m fed up with his lies.
I’m sick and tired of telling you!
I’m sick of all this!
I’m so incensed I can’t think straight!
I’m so mad right now I can’t talk to you.
I’m tired of them!
I’m warning you!
I’ve heard as much as I can hear!
If you dare say that again, I’ll hit you.
It drives me crazy when people talk loudly in the cinema.
It gets to me when…
It makes me see red!
It really gets on my nerves.
It really gets up my nose when they start talking about soccer.
It really ticks me off when you do…
It’s driving me up the wall.
It’s all because of you.
It’s none of your business!
Leave me alone, will you?
Look here, I’ve come to the end of my patience.
Look, this is getting us nowhere.
Mind your own business!
My brother works me up. He knows how to make me angry.
My dad blew up when he saw the bill.
My father was furious when we broke the window while playing ball in the house.
My girlfriend was furious with me when I forgot to pick her up from the airport.
Oh, stop complaining. You make me mad.
Neils was livid when he found out his phone was stolen.
Shame on you!
She goes bananas if parks in her parking space.
She totally lost it. You should go and apologise. She’s really angry with you.
She was in a foul mood all last week.
She went ballistic when I broke her mobile phone.
She went postal. I’ve never seen anyone get so angry.
She will go mental when she finds out what you did.
She’s in a very snappy mood today.
She’s cross with you because you have disobeyed.
Stop shouting or I’ll go away.
Stop shouting your head off.
Talking about politics is like a red rag to a bull to him.
That gets on my nerves!
That pisses me off.
That really gets to me.
That serves you right!
That ticks me off.
That’s the last straw!
That’s the limit!
The heat was beginning to get to me so I went indoors.
The things I do are my business, not yours.
There is no reason why I should stay here.
This is ridiculous!
This is too much!
Thomas is indignant that he was not given the raise he was expecting.
Those people really drive me up the wall!
Tina lost her temper and began shouting at Paul.
What a nuisance!
What a pain!
What has that got to do with it?
What irritates me most is that nobody believes me.
What nonsense!
What on earth have you been doing?
Who do you take me for?
Why are so angry with her?
Why the hell didn’t you wait for me?
You are mean.
You are responsible for this.
You are talking nonsense.
You are very short-tempered.
You can’t escape from this.
You can’t get away like this.
You have got to sh*tting me!
You wouldn’t dare!
You’d better watch what you say.


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