Simple Present Tense Negative | Exercises with answers 5

Simple Present Tense Negative | Exercises with answers

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Exercise 5

Put the verb in bold in the negative form (you can use the contracted form – ex: isn’t, doesn’t…):

Ex: Sam writes letters. → Sam doesn’t write letters. OU: Sam does not write letters.

  1. She cleans her room. → She her room.
  2. You ride your bike every weekend. → You your bike every weekend.
  3. Tina takes nice photos. → Tina  nice photos.
  4. They open the windows. → They the windows.
  5. He buys a new Iphone. → He a new Iphone.
  6. I am late. → I late.
  7. She has a cat. → She  a cat.
  8. I smoke cigarettes. → I smoke cigarettes.
  9. He sings in a rock band. → He in a rock band.
  10. I eat dinner at 8pm. → I dinner at 8pm.




  1. She doesn’t clean her room. (ou: does not…)
  2. You don’t ride your bike every weekend. (ou: do not…)
  3. Tina doesn’t take nice photos. (ou: does not…)
  4. They don’t open the windows. (ou: do not…)
  5. He doesn’t buy a new Iphone. (ou: does not…)
  6. I’m not late. (ou: I am not…)
  7. She doesn’t have a cat. (ou: does not…)
  8. I don’t smoke cigarettes. (ou: do not…)
  9. He doesn’t sing in a rock band. (ou: does not…)
  10. I don’t eat dinner at 8pm. (ou: do not…)

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