Simple Present Tense Negative | Exercises with answers 6

Simple Present Tense Negative | Exercises with answers

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Exercise 6

Put the verb in bold in the negative form (you can use the contracted form – ex: isn’t, doesn’t…):

Ex: Sam writes letters. → Sam doesn’t write letters. OU: Sam does not write letters.

  1. Kate is nice. → Kate  nice.
  2. This car makes a lot of noise. → This car a lot of noise.
  3. You wear pants. → You  pants.
  4. They speak English. → They English.
  5. I am from Spain. → I from Spain.
  6. We are from Germany. → We from Germany.
  7. Paul draws nice pictures. → Paul  nice pictures.
  8. I watch TV. → I  TV.
  9. We play football. → We football.
  10. It is boring. → It boring.



  1. Kate isn’t nice. (ou: is not…)
  2. This car doesn’t make a lot of noise. (ou: does not…)
  3. You don’t wear pants. (ou: do not…)
  4. They don’t speak English. (ou: do not…)
  5. I’m not from Spain. (ou: I am not…)
  6. We aren’t from Germany. (ou: are not…)
  7. Paul doesn’t draw nice pictures. (ou: does not…)
  8. I don’t watch TV. (ou: do not…)
  9. We don’t play football. (ou: do not…)
  10. It isn’t boring. (ou: is not…)

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