Subject pronouns | Exercises for beginners

Subject pronouns | Exercises for beginners

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Exercise 3

Change the subjects of the sentences into subject pronouns:


My grandpa is nice. → He is nice.
You and your brother are lazy. → You are lazy.

  1. You and I are hungry. →   are hungry.
  2. Tina often reads books. →   often reads books.
  3. Is Kevin playing video games? → Is  playing video games?
  4. My sister is a nurse. →   is a nurse.
  5. The pictures are on the wall. →   are on the wall.
  6. The horse is running. →   is running.
  7. My sister and I studied English together. →   studied English together.
  8. Jim is playing soccer. →   is playing soccer
  9. The cats are quiet. →   are quiet.
  10. Sarah has got a brother. →   has got a brother.


  1. We are hungry.
  2. She often reads books.
  3. Is he playing video games?
  4. She is a nurse.
  5. They are on the wall.
  6. It is running.
  7. We studied English together.
  8. He is playing soccer
  9. They are quiet.
  10. She has got a brother.

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