Superlative adjectives | Exercises with answers

Superlative adjectives | Exercises with answers

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Exercise 3

Write the superlative form of the words in brackets:


  • The elephant is the _____  (heavy) animal in Africa → The elephant is the heaviest animal in Africa
  • Of all the people I know, Paul is the _____ (important).  → Of all the people I know, Paul is the most important.

1. It’s the  (ugly) city I’ve ever seen.
2. This is the  (high) mountain in Europe.
3. That’s the  (poor) country in Asia.
4. That’s the  (difficult) sport I’ve ever done.
5. The komodo dragon is the  (large) lizard in the world.
6. Dolphins are the  (friendly) animals on earth.
7. His house is the  (expensive) in the neighborhood.
8. Mat is the  (hard-working) student in our group.
9. Rabbits are the  (cute) animal in the world.
10. The  (far) I’ve ever travelled is from Paris to Rome.
11. Spain is the   (sunny) country in Europe.
12. My sister is the   (tidy) person I know.
13. Hong Kong is one of the  (crowded) city in the world.
14. Paul is one of the     (funny) person I know
15. That’s the  (sad) story I’ve ever heard.




  1. ugliest
  2. highest
  3. poorest
  4. most difficult
  5. largest
  6. friendliest
  7. most expensive
  8. most hard-working
  9. cutest
  10. The furthest
  11. sunniest
  12. tidiest
  13. most crowded
  14. funniest
  15. saddest

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