Superlative adjectives | Exercises with answers

Superlative adjectives | Exercises with answers

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Exercise 1

Write the superlative form of the words in brackets:


  • The elephant is the _____  (heavy) animal in Africa → The elephant is the heaviest animal in Africa
  • Of all the people I know, Paul is the _____ (important).  → Of all the people I know, Paul is the most important.

1. For many years, the Rolling Stones were the  (popular) group.
2. Who has the  (fast) car?
3. This is the  (long) river in Germany.
4. Spring is the   (pleasant) season of the year.
5. This road is the  (wide) in the country.
6. Sarah is the  (good) student in class.
7. Alaska is the  (northern) state in the US.
8. Is the elephant or the whale the  (big) animal in the world?
9. The    (good) pupils should be paid more attention.
10. The  (interesting) film we’ve ever seen is “Raiders of the lost ark”.
11. John’s room is the   (clean) of all.
12. Of all French writers, Victor Hugo is the   (great) one.
13. Paul is the  (courageous) person I know.
14. Canada is the second  (large) country in the world.
15 Tina is the  (kind-hearted) girl I’ve ever met.



  1. most popular
  2. fastest
  3. longest
  4. most pleasant
  5. widest
  6. best
  7. most northern
  8. biggest
  9. best 
  10. most interesting 
  11. cleanest 
  12. greatest
  13. most courageous
  14. largest 
  15. most kind-hearted

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