Useful english expressions: War and conflict

Useful english expressions: War and conflict

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a loose cannon
a No man’s land
a score to settle
an uphill battle
Arrow in the quiver
At daggers drawn
At gunpoint
Axe to grind
Battle of nerves
Bite the bullet
Bring a knife to a gunfight
Bury the hatchet
Close ranks
Cross swords
Dodge the bullet
Don’t shoot the messenger
Double-edged sword
Drop a bombshell
fight fire with fire
fight tooth and nail
Hang fire / Hold fire
hold your ground
In your sights
Knight in shining armour
Lock and load
Long shot
Off like a shot
Off your guard
on the warpath
Open old wounds
Pull the trigger
Quick on the trigger
To get the final word
To have more than one string to their bow
To jump the gun
To make peace
To pull the trigger
To throw in the sponge
wash your dirty linen in public



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