Useful expressions used at the Airport ✈️

Useful expressions used at the Airport ✈️

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When does the next plane for London leave?
Can you confirm the time of arrival?
Can you confirm the time of departure?
Do you have any bags to check?
Everyone has to go through airport security before boarding the plane.
Fasten your seat belts, please.
Flight 800 is now boarding.
Here’s your boarding pass. (boarding pass = the paper that permits you to enter the plane)
How much luggage can I take on board?
If you leave your luggage unattended, it will be confiscated.
Immediate boarding gate 3.
Is the plane due to leave on lime?
Is there a flight to New York this evening?
Only one piece of hand luggage is allowed.
Please make your way to gale 78.
Show your boarding pass.
The 1456 flight from Chicago is on time.
The flight has been delayed.
This is the final call for flight 800.
This is the final call for flight BA476
Tum off your cell phone on the plane.
What airline are you flying with?
What is the purpose of your trip?
Where is the duty-free shop?
Would you like a window seat or an aisle seat? (aisle = corridor)
Your flight has been canceled.
Your flight has been delayed.
Your flight leaves from gate 15.
Your seat number is 8F.



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