Useful phrases to use at work in English

Useful phrases to use at work in English

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What is your occupation?
I am a nurse.
I am a social worker.
I run my own business.
I am retired.
 What do you do?
Good morning, Mr. Jones, may I ask you a question?
Of course. I’d be happy to help you.
Certainly, how can I help you?
Sorry I’m late!
Send me an e mail.
Would 4 o’clock suit you?
We’d better get together to discuss the situation.
We seem to be having a problem with this account.
The printer isn’t working.
We’re going to have a conference call at 2:00.
Do you think you could help me with this?
Can we schedule the meeting for 10:00 Wednesday morning?
May I borrow a pen and a notepad?
Hi, I’m new. Have you worked here for long?


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