Verb + ing | Exercise with answers

Verb + ing | Exercise

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Exercise 3

Complete the following sentences with the -ing form of the verbs in brackets:

Ex: What are you doing there? I (write) a letter. → I am writing a letter.

  1. She remembered (fall)  asleep on the bed.
  2. You recommended (wait)  until tomorrow.
  3. We discussed (move)  to Italy.
  4. I finished (do)  my homework.
  5. She stopped (smoke)  many years ago.
  6. The baby is (cry)  because he was hungry.
  7. When I woke up this morning, the sun was (shine) .
  8. I was (take)  a bath when the telephone rang.
  9. When they arrived we were (have)  dinner.
  10. Sophia is (learn)   her lessons.
  11. The birds are (fly)   in the sky.
  12. It’s (rain) .


  1. falling
  2. waiting
  3. moving
  4. doing
  5. smoking
  6. crying
  7. shining
  8. taking
  9. having
  10. learning
  11. flying
  12. raining

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