Vocabulary Exercises | Holidays

Vocabulary Exercises | Holidays

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Exercise 4

Complete the following dialogues with the words and sentences below:

  • long weekend | tourists | brochures | break | high season | abroad | travel agent’s

1. Have you decided where you’re going on holiday this year?
> No, not yet. I might call in at the on the way home and pick up a few .

2. I’m really fed up with work at the moment.
I need a .
> Why don’t you take next Friday off and have a in Paris or Amsterdam?

3. Are you going to Wales again this year?
> Not likely! I’m going somewhere  where I can be sure of some sun.

4. I fancy a few days in Venice this summer.
> In August? Right in the middle of the ! You must be crazy. The place’ll be absolutely full of .


  1. travel agent’s, brochure
  2. break, long weekend
  3. abroad
  4. high season, tourists

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