Vocabulary Exercises with answers | Environment

Vocabulary Exercises with answers | Environment

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Exercise 3

Use the following words to complete the sentences:

  • exhaust fumes | toxic waste | emissions | deforestation | pesticides | crops

1. The Government is introducing strict new rules on the dumping of by industry.

2. Farmers contribute to environmental damage byspraying  with which stay in the soil for years.

3.  from factories in northern Germany affect the environment in large parts of Scandinavia.

4. Tropical rainforests have always helped to keep the environment in balance but recent means they no longer absorb as much carbon dioxide as they used to.

5.  from cars and other vehicles cause a great deal of damage to the environment.


  1. toxic waste
  2. crops, pesticides
  3. Emissions
  4. deforestation
  5. Exhaust fumes

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