Vocabulary Exercises with answers | Shopping

Vocabulary Exercises with answers | Shopping

Click here to download this printable exercise in PDF. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

Exercise 2: supermarkets

Complete the sentences with the following words:

  • aisle | checkout | baskets | plastic bag | organic | trolley

1. I hate carrying those wire  I use a at the supermarket.

2. I think working on a  must be a really boring job.

3. If everyone uses one  every time they go shopping, that’s an awful lot of pollution.

4. Could you tell me where the coffee is, please?
> Third on the right.

5. Excuse me, are these potatoes ?

> No, the section is over there, sir.


  1. baskets, trolley
  2. checkout
  3. plastic bag
  4. aisle
  5. organic, organic

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