Vocabulary Exercises with answers | Shopping

Vocabulary Exercises with answers | Shopping

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Exercise 4

Complete the dialogues with the following sentences:

  • keep the receipt | make a list | got this | get a refund | try this on | pick up a bargain

1. I’ve got to go to the supermarket later. Is there anything you want?
> Yes, lots of things. Why don’t you so you don’t forget anything?

2. I really need a new coat.
> Well, wait till after Christmas. You might in the sales.

3. Can I , please?
> Certainly, the changing rooms are over there.

4. I don’t believe it! We only had this alarm clock for three weeks and it’s broken.
> Well, why don’t you take it back and see if you can ?
> I’m not sure if I can do that. I didn’t .

5. Have you  in dark blue?
> I’m afraid not.
Never mind. I’ll take the black, then.


  1. make a list
  2. pick up a bargain
  3. try this on
  4. get a refund, keep the receipt
  5. got this

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