Vocabulary Exercises with answers | Shopping

Vocabulary Exercises with answers | Shopping

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Exercise 6

Indicate for each of the following sentences if something was free, cheap or expensive :

1. Do you like my jacket? It’s made of pure silk.
> Really? It must have cost you a packet. → 

2. I thought the hotel was quite reasonable — considering how nice it was. → 

3. Wow! Two weeks in Barbados! It must have cost a fortune. → 

4. I’m not going to New York until February. The flights are a bit pricey at this time of the year. → 

5. I got this Beatles CD in the second-hand shop for a pound. lt was a real bargain! → 

6. I like the new car. Was it expensive?

> It didn‘t cost me a penny. My brother gave it to me. → 

7. New York was fantastic but the trip cost me an arm and a leg. → 

8. We had to get tickets at the last minute so we had to pay through the nose for them. It was a real rip~off. → 


  1. expensive
  2. cheap
  3. expensive
  4. expensive
  5. cheap
  6. free
  7. expensive
  8. expensive

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