Vocabulary Exercises with answers | The Bank

Vocabulary Exercises with answers | The Bank

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Exercise 1

Complete the sentences with the following words:

  • interest | loan | borrow | cash | overdrawn | debts | cheque | overdraft | account | cashpoint

1. I haven’t got any with me. I’ll need to go to the bank.

2. My salary is paid straight into my at the end of every month.

3. If you want to buy a new car, why not get a  from the bank?

4. Interest rates are very low. Why don’t you the money from the bank?

5. I’m going to the bank to pay in this .

6. I’ll have to stop spending so much money. I’m already by over £100.

7. If you are prepared to take more risk, you’ll get higher on your investment.

8. Tom’s got quite a few  He’s borrowed money from the bank and several of his friends.

9. I need some cash. Is there a  near here?

10. I’m spending too much money. I’ve already got an enormous .


  1. cash
  2. account
  3. loan
  4. borrow
  5. cheque
  6. overdrawn
  7. interest
  8. debts
  9. cashpoint
  10. overdraft

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