Vocabulary Exercises with answers | the Beach

Vocabulary Exercises with answers | the Beach

Click here to download this printable exercise in PDF. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

Exercise 2

Complete the sentences with the following words:

  • deserted | naturist | rocky | crystal-clear | unspoilt | crowded | golden

1. The beach is always at this time of the year. There’s no room to put your towel down!

2. The beaches were absolutely Sometimes we were the only two people there.

3. Sri Lanka has some fantastic beaches — mile after mile of sand and water.

4. Ten years ago the place was completely, but now the whole seafront is full of bars and cafes. They’ve spoilt the place completely.

5. The coastline is very and most of the beach is pebbles. There’s hardly any sand at all.

6. The  beach is quite difficult to find, as it’s about 2 kilometres outside town.


  1. crowded
  2. deserted
  3. golden, crystalclear
  4. unspoilt
  5. rocky
  6. naturist

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