Vocabulary Exercises with answers | the Beach

Vocabulary Exercises with answers | the Beach

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Exercise 4

Complete the following expressions with the verbs below: Two of the verbs can be used twice:

  • keep | go | get | cool down
  1.  a lovely suntan
  2.  out of the sun
  3.  for a swim
  4.  sunburnt
  5.  for a paddle
  6.  in the sea

Now use the correct form of the expressions to complete the following dialogues:

1. This time next week l‘ll be lying on the beach in Spain.
> You lucky thing! I’m sure you’ll and make us all jealous when you get back.

2. Why don’t you take your T-shirt off?
> Because I don’t want to . The sun’s really hot today.

3. My back feels sore. Is it looking a bit red?
> Yes, it is. Perhaps you should for the rest of the day.

4. I’m not hot. I’m absolutely roasting!
> Let’s go and .

5. Do you want to go for a swim?
> No, it’s too cold for me. But I will I’ll just take my shoes and socks off.

6. The sea is beautiful. It’s so warm.
> Yes, I think I’ll myself in a minute.


  • a. get
  • b. keep
  • c. go
  • d. get
  • e. go
  • f. cool down
  • 1. get a lovely suntan
  • 2. get sunburnt
  • 3. keep out of the sun
  • 4. cool down in the sea
  • 5. go for a paddle
  • 6. go for a swim

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