Was Were negative exercises (+PDF)

Was Were negative exercises (+PDF)

Click here to download this online exercise about the verb to be at the Past simple (was / were) in PDF.

Answers are at the bottom of the page.


  1. That woman (not/be) Australian →  
  2. Tom (not/be) late for the class →  
  3. The meal (not/be) very good →  
  4. They (not/be) my parents →  
  5. I (not/be) rude to the teacher →  
  6. The exam (not/be) easy →  
  7. They (not/be) tired when we arrived →  
  8. We (not/be) on the train when I called →  
  9. You (not/be) here when she came →  
  10. She (not/be) my girlfriend →  


  1. wasn’t (or was not)
  2. wasn’t (or was not)
  3. wasn’t (or was not)
  4. weren’t (or were not)
  5. wasn’t (or was not)
  6. wasn’t (or was not)
  7. weren’t (or were not)
  8. weren’t (or were not)
  9. weren’t (or were not)
  10. wasn’t (or was not)

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