100 most common Phrasal Verbs list

100 most common Phrasal Verbs list

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break down live up to
believe in look after
blow up look down
break down look out
break off look up (something/somebody)
break out make (something) up
bring back make out
bring in meet up
bring out move in
call back move out
call off move up
call round phone up (and ring up)
carry on pick out
carry out pick up
check in point out
cheer up put down
come along put in
come back put off
come in put on
come out put out
come over queue up
eat out read out
fall out rely on / upon
fall over rub out
find out run out (of)
get back save up
get down sell out
get in set about
get off set down
get on set off
get out settle down
get up show off
give back sit back
give in sit down
give out sort out
give up take off
go back take on
go down tell off
go over throw away
go round try on
go through turn around
go up turn back
grow up turn down
hang around turn round
hang up turn up
hold back wait up
hold on wake up
hold up wash up
hurry up work out
join in write down



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