Adverbs exercise with answers

Adverbs exercise with answers

Click here to download this printable exercise in PDF. Answers are at the bottom of the page.


Find the right adverb using the adjective in the first sentence: 

Ex:  Her voice was soft. She spoke softly.

  1. The singer is awful. He sings  .
  2. The problem was easy. John solved it  .
  3. This child is very quiet. He’s always reading his books  .
  4. Paul is a good worker. He works really  .
  5. This test is simple. You  have to answers five questions.
  6. Tina is happy. She smiles  .
  7. The scenery is impressive. That moutain in particular is   tall.
  8. Her Japanese is fluent. She speaks Japanese  .
  9. My boss was angry. He spoke to me  .
  10. My sister is a careless driver. She drives  .


  1. awfully
  2. easily
  3. quietly
  4. well
  5. simply
  6. happily
  7. impressively
  8. fluently
  9. angrily
  10. carelessly

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