100 body movement and action verbs list pdf

100 body movement and action verbs list pdf

To download and print this free English vocabulary list, click here.

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to applaud
to approach
to back off
to bend
to bite
to blink
to blow
to break
to breathe
to build
to carry
to catch
to chew
to choose
to climb
to close
to cook
to count
to crawl
to crouch
to cry
to dance
to descend
to dive
to dodge
to drag
to dream
to drink
to drive
to eat
to enter
to evade
to exit
to fall
to fix (something)
to float
to follow (someone)
to get fat
to give
to hit
to hug
to jump
to kick
to kiss
to kneel
to laugh
to leap
to lick
to lie down
to lift up
to listen
to lose weight
to move
to open
to park
to pick up
to point
to pour
to pull
to punch
to push
to raise
to reach
to read
to repeat
to roll
to run
to scream
to see
to shake
to shower
to shrug
to sing
to sit down
to sleep
to slide
to smell
to sniff
to squat
to stand up
to steal
to swallow
to sweat
to swim
to take
to talk
to teach
to think
to throw
to touch
to turn around
to walk
to watch
to whisper
to whistle
to wink
to work
to write
to yawn
to yell


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