Business related words list pdf

Business related words list pdf

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the assets
a balance sheet
a bank
a bankruptcy
a bargain
a bill
a billboard
a branch
a brand
a budget
a business contract
a business plan
a buyer
a certified public accountant
a channel of distribution
a commercial network
a commercial traveller
a commission
a company
a competitor
a consignment note
a consultant
a consumer
a corporation
a creditor
a customer
a deadline
a debt
a debtor
a demand
a department
a disadvantage
a discount
a feedback
a file
a firm
a guarantee
a limited liability company
a loss
a market share
a market survey
a merger
a niche
a payment
a preliminary contract
a private company (Ltd.)
a product
a promotion
a public company (Plc.)
a purchase
a reduction
a salary
a sample
a schedule
a seller
a stock
a survey
a think tank
a trade show
a trade union
a trademark
a trend
a wage scale
a warehouse
an account
an accountant
an acquisition
an advertisement
an advertising campaign
an agenda
an appointment
an assembly line
an employee
an increase
an interest rate
an inventory
an invoice
an offer
an order
an outlet
business connections
business hours
business intelligence
cash on delivery
cash with order
competitive intelligence
customs duties
debt collection
direct mailing
direct marketing
in bulk
in full settlement
life cycle
overhead expenses
profit margin
retail facilities
target market
team building
the after-sales service
the balance
the board of directors
the branding
the business
the competition
the domestic trade
the expenses
the external trade
the facilities
the foreign trade
the goods, the merchandise
the growth
the head office
the income tax
the industry
the lay-off
the liabilities
the management
the margin
the market
the market leader
the premises
the price
the profitability
the report
the result
the retailer
the rise
the risk
the support
the trade register
the turnover
the turnover (accounting)
the value for money
un unfair competition
when the sales are on
within 7 days

to advertise
to afford
to approve
to audit the accounts
to be broke
to be in the red
to borrow
to break a contract, to violate a contract
to buy in bulk
to cancel an order
to charge
to check
to come to maturity
to compete with
to complain
to comply with
to conduct a survey
to confirm
to consider
to convince
to cost
to decrease
to deliver
to develop
to dispatch
to distribute
to employ
to establish
to establish a business
to estimate
to exchange
to extend
to file
to file for bankruptcy
to find a niche
to found a business
to fund
to get better
to get worse
to go bankrupt
to honour a contract
to improve
to increase
to invest
to invoice
to join a trade union
to launch a product
to lend
to lower
to maintain
to make money
to manage
to measure
to merchandise
to obtain
to order
to organize
to owe money to…
to own
to pay
to pay by instalments
to plan
to process
to produce
to promote
to provide
to provide credit arrangements
to purchase / to buy
to reach
to recall products
to recruit
to reduce
to refund
to rise
to sell
to ship
to stock up
to subsidize
to succeed
to win


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