Christmas vocabulary words list pdf 🎅

🎅 Christmas vocabulary words list PDF 🎄

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a bell
a candle
a candy cane
a Christmas card
a Christmas garland, a Christmas light
a Christmas market
a Christmas present
a Christmas tale
a greeting card
a little saint
a miracle
a present / a gift
a reindeer
a sled
a sleigh
a snowball
a snowflake
a snowman
a star
a tinsel
a toy
an angel
baby Jesus
Christmas carol
Christmas crib / nativity scene
Christmas day
Christmas dinner/feast
Christmas Eve
Christmas party
Christmas stocking
Christmas tree
decorations / ornament
Epiphany, Twelfth Night
Midnight Mass (UK) / Christmas Eve service (US)
New Year’s Day
New Year’s Eve
North Pole
the chimney / the fireplace
the church
the three wise men, the three kings
white Christmas
yule log
an Advent calendar
Father Christmas / Santa Claus


Merry Christmas!
Happy Holidays! / Best wishes!
Happy New Year
I got a book
My parents got me a new bike
What are you going to get to your sister?
What did you get for Christmas?
What do you want for Christmas?


to believe in Santa Claus
to celebrate
to decorate
to distribute / to give away gifts
to give
to hang
to open a present
to party
to receive a gift
to shine, to glow
to sing Christmas carols
to sparkle
to spend Christmas with the family
to trim / to decorate the christmas tree
to unwrap presents
to wrap a present


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