Gestures positions vocabulary list pdf

Gestures and positions vocabulary list pdf

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to applaud
to avoid eye contact
to be slumped over sth
to blink
to clear one’s throat
to clench one’s fist
to clench one’s teeth
to fold one’s arms
to frown
to frown
to giggle
to glance at
to grin
to hug
to kick
to kiss
to laugh
to look down
to look up
to lower one’s eyes
to make a face
to make a sign
to make faces
to nod
to point at
to pull one’s tongue
to punch
to raise one’s eyes
to raise one’s hand
to scratch one’s head
to shake hands
to shake one’s head
to shrug
to slap
to smile
to stare
to take a deep breath
to take your shoes off
to tilt my head
to twist one’s head
to wave
to wink
to yawn

Body language

a glance
a giggle
a grimace
a kick
a laugh
a movement
a nod
a punch
a shrug
a sign
a signal
a slap
a smile
a wink
a yawn
arms folded
eyes wide open
fiddling with objects while talking
he slumped into his chair
legs crossed
thumbs down
thumbs up


leaning on one’s elbows
leaning on/against
lying down
lying face down
lying on one’s back
lying stretched out
on all fours
on one’s knees
sitting / seated


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