Irregular Verbs Worksheets (with answers + PDF)

Irregular Verbs Worksheets 

Click here to download this printable exercise in PDF. Answers are at the bottom of the page.

Exercise 6

Complete the following sentences by putting the verb in brackets in the appropriate form:

  1. Jaimie (tell)  me he was going to the party tonight.
  2. She (come)  with me to the cinema last night.
  3. They (go)  for a walk around the lake.
  4. He was (bite)  by a dog.
  5. It (cost)  me a lot of money to fix my car.
  6. She (shake)  her head when she (see)  the state of the kitchen.
  7. We (forget)  to close the window, so we were (sting)  by mosquitoes last night.
  8. He (spell)  his name to the customs officer.
  9. The kids (spill)  some Orange juice on the carpet.
  10. The burglars (flee)  the crime scene.


  1. told
  2. came
  3. went
  4. bitten
  5. cost
  6. shook / saw
  7. forgot / stung
  8. spelt
  9. spillt
  10. fled

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