List things in the kitchen vocabulary pdf

List of things in the kitchen vocabulary pdf

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Kitchen equipment list

a kettle
a microwave (oven)
a freezer, a deep freezer
a electric carving knife
a sink
a oven
a toaster
a mixer
a dishwasher
a blender
a fridge
a fridge-freezer
a tap (UK), a faucet (US)
a food processor
a coffee pot
a coffee maker
a cooker (UK), a stove (US)
a gas cooker
a electric cooker
a deep fryer
a cooker hood
a cooktop (US)
a teapot

the dishes, tabbleware, dishware

a plate
a bowl
a jug
a salad bowl
a carafe
a saucer
a cup


a knife
a teaspoon
a dessert spoon
a tablespoon
a soup spoon
a spoon
a fork

Kitchen utensils

a butter dish
a baking tray, a baking pan
a bottle
a bottle-opener
a bread knife
a carving knife
a cheese grater
a chopping board
a colander
a cooking-pot
a corkscrew
a frying pan
a garlic press
a kitche apron, a cooking apron
a ladle (or a soup ladle)
a lid
a measure
a peeler, a vegetable peeler
a pepper shaker
a pie dish, a flan dish, a pie pan / a cake pan (USA), a cake tin (UK)
a pressure cooker
a rolling pin
a salt cellar
a saucepan
a serviette, a napkin, a table napkin
a sieve
a slow cooker
a spatula
a stewpan
a sugar bowl
a table mat
a tableclothe
a tea towel (UK), a dish towel (USA)
a tin-opener (UK), a can opener
a tupperware box
a whisk
an oven mitt
greaseproof baking paper


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