List most popular zoo animals 🦁

List most popular zoo animals 🦁

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an alligator
a baboon
a badger
a bat
a bear
a beaver
a bison
a boar
a bobcat/a lynx
a buffalo
a camel
a cassowary
a cheetah
a chimpanzee
a coyote
a crocodile
a deer
a dromedary
a fox
a giraffe
a gnu/a wildebeest
a gorilla
a hedgehog
a hippopotamus
a hyena
a jackal
a jaguar
a kangaroo
a koala
a leopard
a lion
a lizard
a marmot
a mongoose
a monkey
a panda
a panther
a parrot
a penguin
a pink flamingo
a polar bear
a porcupine
a possum
a racoon
a reindeer
a rhinoceros
a roebuck
a salamander
a sea lion
a seahorse
a seal
a snake
a squirrel
a tiger
a viper/an adder
a vulture
a walrus
a warthog
a wolf
a zebra
an antelope
an armadillo
an elephant
an elk/a moose
an emu
an iguana
an ostrich
an otter
an owl

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