The Complete list of Adverbs in English

The Complete list of Adverbs in English

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List of adverbs in English
abnormally lively
aboard loftily
about longingly
abroad loosely
absentmindedly loudly
absolutely lovingly
abundantly loyally
accidentally luckily
accordingly luxuriously
acidly madly
actively magically
actually mainly
acutely majestically
admiringly markedly
adventurously materially
affectionately meaningfully
affirmatively meanly
after meantime
afterwards meanwhile
agreeably measurably
almost mechanically
already medically
always menacingly
amazingly merely
angrily merrily
annoyingly methodically
annually mightily
anxiously miserably
anyhow mockingly
anyplace monthly
anyway morally
anywhere more
appreciably moreover
appropriately mortally
around mostly
arrogantly much
aside mysteriously
assuredly nastily
astonishingly naturally
away naughtily
awfully nearby
awkwardly nearly
badly neatly
barely needily
bashfully negatively
beautifully nervously
before never
begrudgingly nevertheless
believably next
believably nicely
bewilderedly nightly
bewilderingly noisily
bitterly normally
bleakly nosily
blindly not
blissfully now
boastfully nowadays
boldly numbly
boyishly obediently
bravely obligingly
briefly obnoxiously
brightly obviously
brilliantly occasionally
briskly oddly
broadly offensively
brutally officially
busily often
calmly ominously
candidly once
carefully only
carelessly openly
casually optimistically
cautiously orderly
certainly ordinarily
charmingly outdoors
cheerfully outrageously
chiefly outwardly
childishly outwards
cleanly overconfidently
clearly owlishly
cleverly painfully
closely partially
cloudily patiently
clumsily perfectly
coaxingly physically
coincidentally playfully
coldly politely
colorfully poorly
comfortably positively
commonly potentially
compactly powerfully
compassionately presently
completely presumably
confusedly prettily
consequently previously
considerably primly
considerately principally
consistently probably
constantly promptly
continually properly
continuously proudly
coolly punctually
correctly puzzlingly
courageously quaintly
covertly quarrelsomely
cowardly queasily
crazily queerly
crossly questionably
cruelly questioningly
cunningly quicker
curiously quickly
currently quietly
customarily quirkily
cutely quite
daily quizzically
daintily randomly
dangerously rapidly
daringly rarely
darkly readily
dastardly really
dearly reasonably
deceivingly reassuringly
decently recently
deeply recklessly
defiantly regularly
deftly reliably
deliberately reluctantly
delicately remarkably
delightfully repeatedly
densely reproachfully
diagonally resentfully
differently respectably
diligently respectfully
dimly responsibly
directly restfully
disorderly richly
divisively ridiculously
docilely righteously
dopily rightfully
doubtfully rightly
down rigidly
dramatically roughly
dreamily routinely
during rudely
eagerly ruthlessly
early sadly
earnestly safely
easily scarcely
efficiently scarily
effortlessly scientifically
elaborately searchingly
elegantly secretively
eloquently securely
elsewhere sedately
emotionally seemingly
endlessly seldom
energetically selfishly
enjoyably selflessly
enormously separately
enough seriously
enthusiastically shakily
entirely shamelessly
equally sharply
especially sheepishly
essentially shoddily
eternally shortly
ethically shrilly
even shyly
evenly silently
eventually sleepily
ever slowly
evermore smoothly
everywhere softly
evidently solemnly
evocatively solidly
exactly sometimes
exceedingly soon
exceptionally specifically
excitedly spectacularly
exclusively speedily
explicitly spiritually
expressly splendidly
extensively sporadically
externally startlingly
extra steadily
extraordinarily stealthily
extremely sternly
fairly still
faithfully strenuously
famously stressfully
far strictly
fashionably structurally
fast studiously
fatally stupidly
favorably stylishly
ferociously subsequently
fervently substantially
fiercely subtly
fiery successfully
finally suddenly
financially sufficiently
finitely suitably
fluently superficially
fondly supremely
foolishly surely
fortunately surprisingly
frankly suspiciously
frantically sweetly
freely swiftly
frenetically sympathetically
frightfully systematically
fully temporarily
furiously tenderly
generally tensely
generously tepidly
gently terribly
gladly thankfully
gleefully then
gracefully there
gratefully thereby
greatly thoroughly
greedily thoughtfully
grimly thus
grudgingly tightly
habitually today
half-heartedly together
handily tomorrow
handsomely too
haphazardly totally
happily touchingly
harmoniously tremendously
harshly triumphantly
hastily truly
hatefully truthfully
hauntingly twice
healthily ultimately
heartily unabashedly
heavily unaccountably
helpfully unanimously
helplessly unbearably
hence unbelievably
highly unemotionally
highly unethically
hitherto unexpectedly
honestly unfailingly
honestly unfavourably
hopelessly unfortunately
hopelessly uniformly
horizontally unilaterally
hourly unimpressively
hourly universally
how unkindly
however unnaturally
hugely unnecessarily
humorously upbeat
hungrily upliftingly
hungrily upright
hurriedly upside-down
hysterically upward
identifiably upwardly
idiotically urgently
imaginatively usefully
immeasurably uselessly
immediately usually
immensely utterly
impatiently utterly
impressively vacantly
inappropriately vaguely
incessantly vainly
incorrectly valiantly
indeed vastly
independently verbally
indoors very
indubitably viciously
inevitably victoriously
infinitely vigilantly
informally vigorously
infrequently violently
innocently visibly
inquisitively visually
instantly vivaciously
intelligently voluntarily
intensely warmly
intently weakly
interestingly wearily
intermittently weekly
internally well
invariably wetly
invisibly when
inwardly where
ironically while
irrefutably whole-heartedly
irritably wholly
jaggedly why
jauntily wickedly
jealously widely
jovially wiggly
joyfully wildly
joylessly wilfully
joyously willingly
jubilantly wisely
judgementally woefully
justly wonderfully
keenly worriedly
kiddingly worthily
kindheartedly wrongly
kindly yawningly
kissingly yearly
knavishly yearningly
knottily yesterday
knowingly yet
knowledgeably yieldingly
lazily youthfully
less zanily
lightly zealously
likely zestfully
limply zestily


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