List of common birds 🐦

List of common birds 🐦

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an albatross
a budgerigar/a parakeet
a canary
a cassowary
a chicken
a cock/a rooster
a cockatoo
a cormorant
a crane
a crow/a raven
a cuckoo
a dove
a duck
a falcon/an hawk
a goose
a gull/a seagull
a hen
a heron
a hummingbird
a jay
a kestrel
a kingfisher
a kiwi
a magpie
a parrot
a partridge
a peacock
a pelican
a penguin
a petrel
a pheasant
a pigeon
a pink flamingo
a quail
a robin
a seagull
a sparrow
a sparrowhawk
a stork
a swallow
a swan
a titmouse/a bluetit
a toucan
a turkey
a vulture
a wader
a woodpecker
an eagle
an egret
an emu
an ibis
an osprey
an ostrich
an owl
birds of prey


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