Names of aquatic animals list a-z 🐬

Names of aquatic animals list a-z 🐬

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an eel
a bluefin tuna
a bonito
a bull shark
a catfish
a clam
a clownfish
a cod
a crab
a crawfish
a cuttlefish
a dolphin
a flying fish
a great white shark
a grouper
a hammerhead shark
a herring
a humpback whale
a jellyfish
a lobster
a mackerel
a manatee/a dugong/a sea cow
a manta ray
a moray eel
a mussel
a narwhal
a puffer fish
a salmon
a saltwater crocodile
a scallop
a sea anemone
a sea cucumber
a sea lion
a sea shell
a sea turtle
a seabass
a seahorse
a seal
a shark
a shrimp/ a prawn
a sperm whale
a sponge
a squid
a starfish
a stingray
a sunfish
a swordfish
a tiger shark
a trout
a tuna
a walrus
a whale
a whaleshark
an anchovy
an octopus
an orca/a killer whale
an oyster
an urchin
coral reef
seaweed (pas de pl.)


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