Nature related words list PDF ⛰️

Nature related words list pdf ⛰️

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a bank
a beach
a blade of grass
a branch
a bush
a canyon
a cave
a cliff
a cloud
a clump of grass
a desert
a downpour
a drought
a fern
a field
a fir tree
a flood
a forest
a geyser
a glacier
a grove
a hill
a hot spring
a hurricane
a lake
a leaf/leaves (pl.)
a lightning
a maple
a moutain
a mushroom
a pine cone
a pine tree
a pond
a rainbow
a raindrop
a redwood
a river
a rock
a root
a snowflake
a stone
a storm
a stream/a creek
a stump
a sunrise
a sunset
a swamp/a marsh
a tornado
a tree
a trunk
a twig
a valley
a volcano
a waterfall
a wave
a wood
an acorn
an earthquake
an estuary
flora and fauna
the bark
the canopy
the coast
the ecosystem
the flowers
the fog/the mist/the haze
the foliage
the food chain
the grass
the ground
the hail
the heat
the jungle
the land
the monsoon
the moon
the mud
the rain
the sand
the sap
the savannah
the sea
the shore
the sky
the snow
the soil/the dirt
the stars
the sun
the weather
the wind


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