Quantities vocabulary english

Quantities vocabulary english

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the quantity, the amount
a bottle of wine
a bowl of soup
a box of cakes
a box of cereal
a can of beans
a carton of juice.
a cup of coffee
a cup of tea
a dozen of eggs
a glass of water
a handful of nuts
a hundred grammes of flour
a jar of
a jar of honey
a jug of milk
a kilo of butter
a litre of water
a little
a lot
a lot of people
a lump of sugar
a mouthful of
a packet of biscuits
a packet of cigaretts
a piece of cake
a piece of paper
a pile of stones
a plate of spaghettis
a portion of spaghettis
a quarter of milk
a slice of bread
a slice of ham
a slice of pizza
a small bottle of beer
a small glass of beer
a spoonful of salt
a thousand euros
a tub of ice-cream
both of them
lots of fruits
not at all
one million dollars
thousands of people
very, a lot, much


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