Routine daily life vocabulary list pdf

Routine & daily life vocabulary list pdf

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Daily routine

in the morning
in the evening
every morning
I wake up
I take my shower
I brush my teeth
I wash my face
I eat breakfast
I have coffee
I wait for the bus
I go to work
I have lunch
I go home
I meet some friends
I go to the gym
I have dinner
I watch TV
I read a book
I go to bed early/late


to answer messages
to be half-asleep
to brush one’s teeth
to change
to chat
to come back from school/work
to dance
to discuss
to do homework
to draw the curtains
to dream
to dress
to drive
to dry oneself
to eat breakfast
to eat dinner
to eat lunch
to fall asleep
to feed the cat/dog
to get dressed
to get up
to go home
to go to an evening party
to go to bed
to go to school
to go to the disco/nightclub
to go to the gym
to go to the toilet
to go to work
to groom oneself
to have a coffee/soda
to have a lie-in
to have a nap
to have a rest
to have a sleepless night
to have a snack
to have a wash
to have fun
to have insomnia
to hurry
to listen to music
to lock the door
to make phone calls
to make the bed
to meet friends
to open the blinds
to open the curtains
to oversleep
to prepare dinner
to put on make up
to read the paper
to rest
to shave
to sleep
to stretch
to study
to switch the light on/off
to take a shower
to take the bus/subway
to tuck in
to undress
to wake up
to walk (going on foot)
to walk the dog
to walk/stretch one’s legs (taking a walk)
to wash
to watch TV
to water the plants
to yawn


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