Transportation vocabulary PDF list a-z

Transportation vocabulary PDF list a-z

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transportation vocabulary / means of transportation

on board
a bend
a builder
a bump
a buoy
a cabin
a canoe
a car crash
a car dealer
a car driver
a car licence
a compass
a connection
a convertible
a crossing
a crossroads
a cruising yacht
a deckhand, a sailor
a dining car
a direct train
a distress signal
a domestic flight
a driving instructor
a driving school
a failing engine
a fast train
a ferry boat
a flat/punctured tyre
a funnel
a garage owner
a gas/petrol station
a goods train
a harbour
a heavy sea
a helicopter
a high-speed flight
a highway
a hijacker
a hovercraft
a jack
a jet plane
a junction
a level crossing
a level crossing
a lifeboat
a medium-distance/ long distance flight
a passenger ship, a cruise liner
a passenger train
a penalty, a fine
a pilot
a plane disaster
a platform
a porthole
a propeller
a radar
a radar trap
a reckless driver
a reef
a return ticket
a road hog
a roundabout
a runway
a safety belt
a sail
a sailor
a saloon
a scratch
a ship
a show room
a shuttle
a single ticket
a sleeping car
a sports car
a steward
a stewardess
a suburban train
a tanker
a tunnel
a ventilation shaft
a vessel
a waiting room
a wing
a worker
a wreck
air safety
air sickness
airport taxes
an air fleet
an air terminal
an airport
an anchor
an emergency exit
an engineer
an estate car
an oar
at an average speed of
at full speed
big waves
first/second class
life jackets
off the coast
on automatic pilot
on slippery ground
on/behind schedule
reserved seats
severely injured
shock absorbers
sparking plugs
the accelerator
the access
the arrival
the boot, the trunk
the breath test
the bridge
the bumper
the business class
the carburettor
the Channel tunnel
the clutch pedal
the cockpit
the crew
the customs
the dashboard
the departure gate
the departure lounge
the driving licence
the driving mirror, rear-view mirror
the engine
the engine
the exhaust pipe
the fare
the footwalk, the footbridge, the walkway
the gear box
the gear lever
the handbrake
the helm
the High Speed Train
the hood
the horn
the ignition key
the joystick
the landing strip
the luggage
the main deck
the mast
the mileage indicator
the Navy
the nose
the number plate (UK), the license plate (US)
the passport control
the reactor
the reverse gear
the ring road
the road network
the safety of the passengers
the spare wheel
the speed limits
the station master
the steering wheel
the suspension
the tail
the tank
the tarmac
the ticket collector
the timetable
the toll
the upper/lower deck
the windscreen
windscreen wipers
with no visibility
the roll


to accelerate
to avoid
to be adrift
to be delayed
to be ejected from
to be moored
to be sea sick
to be shipwrecked
to board a plane
to brake
to burn
to capsize
to catch fire
to change at
to change gear
to change the oil
to check in
to check the tyre pressure
to come to anchor
to connect to
to crash
to cross the Channel
to delay
to dig
to disembark
to disintegrate
to drown
to embark
to explode
to feel helpless
to fly over
to get into first gear
to get on board
to get on/off
to go on a cruise
to have a breakdown
to have the car serviced
to hijack a plane
to hire
to hit
to hoot one’s horn
to insure the vehicle
to land
to lose control
to maintain
to miss
to order
to overtake
to pay half fare
to pilot
to reduce speed
to refund
to register
to repair
to run ashore
to run out of petrol
to sail into/to leave harbour
to sink
to skid
to slow down
to take off
to tank up, to fill up
to threaten
to tighten up security
to tow
to travel by boat
to travel by car
to travel by plane
to travel by train
to ventilate
to weigh anchor
to whistle
to yield the right of way to sb


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