Words related to environment list PDF

Words related to environment list pdf

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a staunch opponent
a detractor
a game warden
a national park
a penalty
a poacher
a poison cloud
a power plant, a power station
a pressure group
a reserve
a sentence
a trap
a wildlife specialist
a zoologist
an advocate
an argument for/against
an ecologist
an environmental law
an environmental policy
an environmental tax
an expert
an incineration plant
an incinerator
an oil slick
an oil spill, a black tide, a spillage
animal-conservation movements
carbon dioxide emissions
carbon monoxide
crude oil
disposable wrapping
environmental degradation
environmental protection
exhaust fumes
green consumerism
hard-core environmentalists
household waste
in danger of extinction
industrial waste
radioactive waste
recycled paper
returnable bottles
the Department of the Environment
the Environment Protection Agency
the green movement, the environmental movement, the Ecology Party
the greenhouse effect
the ivory trade /the fur trade
the ozone layer
the regulation
the threshold of safety
tough measures
waste disposal
wildlife protection


to abound
a demonstration
to accuse of
to ban hunting
to be appalled at
to be aware of
to be backed by
to be environmental friendly
to be threatened with extinction
to bury
to campaign for
to claim
to clean up
to control, to check
to curb
to demand solutions
to demonstrate in favour of
to deny
to eradicate
to fine
to forbid, to ban
to gain in popularity
to halt the construction of
to launch a petition
to mate with
to monitor pollution
to oppose sb
to poach
to pollute
to process
to prove
to purify
to recycle
to reduce
to regulate
to reintroduce
to release CO2
to repair the damage
to rescue
to return to the wild
to reuse
to safeguard
to save energy
to slaughter
to sound the alarm
to stalk a prey
to stir public opinion
to stop the import
to subscribe to
to substitute
to threaten survival
to treat waste
to treat water
to undergo testing
to wipe out a species


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