Words related to science PDF 🔬

Words related to science PDF 🔬

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a black hole
a burner
a chemist
a circle
a comet
a conclusion
a cosmonaut
a crescent
a curve
a demonstration
a diamond
a discovery
a division
a figure
a flask
a flying saucer
a formula
a full moon
a function
a galaxy
a gas
a laboratory
a lens
a liquid
a mathematician
a microscope
a multiplication
a number
a pair of compasses
a physicist
a planet
a postulate
a product
a protractor
a rectangle
a research worker
a right angle
a scientist
a shooting star
a shuttle
a side
a square
a straight line
a subtraction
a sum
a telescope
a test tube
a theorem
a triangle
a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object)
an acid
an addition
an astronaut
an astronomer
an equation
an extraterrestrial, an alien
an invader
an invasion
an invention
an inventor
an observatory
an operation
parallel to
perpendicular to
the area
the bisector
the conquest of space
the cosmos
the countdown
the diameter
the progress
the radius
the result
the solar system
the universe
weightlessness / zero gravity


to add
to annihilate
to calculate
to conquer
to count
to decrease
to deduce
to demonstrate
to discover
to dissolve
to divide
to double
to draw a line
to evaporate
to explore
to frighten
to increase
to invade
to land on the moon
to launch a rocket
to magnify
to make a mistake
to melt
to multiply
to probe space
to put into orbit
to serve mankind
to simulate
to solve a problem
to spin round
to subtract
to use solvents


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