English Vocabulary Exercises | Everyday Problems

English Vocabulary Exercises | Everyday Problems

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Exercise 2

Choose the right answer:

1. I got in an  with my girlfriend.a. argument
b. agreement

2. I   my test.

a. failed
b. fell

3. I got a  tire on my bike.
a. flat
b. empty

4. I  my train this morning.
a. missed
b. lacked

5. I forgot to pay my phone .
a. check
b. bill

6. The internet has been  most of the afternoon.
a. down
b. blue

7. The milk has gone .
a. bad
b. old

8. We’re  sugar.
a. out of
b. out in

9. I’m having a hard time  my new bed.
a. assembling
b. agglomerating

10. I  my wrist playing basketball.
a. sprained
b. abused


  1. argument
  2. failed
  3. flat
  4. missed
  5. bill
  6. down
  7. bad
  8. out of
  9. assembling
  10. sprained

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